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    Product characteristics of frequency conversion series resonance test device

    Number of hits:11 Update time:2021-05-03

    Product characteristics of frequency conversion series resonance test device the power components of frequency conversion series resonance test device use the high quality of advanced components imported from Japan;

    Make full use of existing resources, completely independent design and development and production of all components of equipment: excitation transformer, high voltage variable frequency power supply, reactor, capacitor and high-precision capacitor voltage divider;

    Automatic (automatic adjustment and automatic boost), full manual (manual adjustment, manual stimulation) and semi-automatic (automatic adjustment, manual adjustment, automatic and manual lifting) functions of frequency conversion series resonance test device can be switched at will;

    4. Test voltage, pressure, alarm current setting, voltage and frequency range of alarm setting and initial voltage setting;

    5. Discharge protection function, when flashover occurs in the mood of sudden resonance circuit caused by sample or other reasons, quickly cut off the power supply, and immediately automatically output frequency conversion control and display type and protection voltage value;

    6. The output voltage and output frequency information type and compression time are displayed in the poll, and the test is completed when the voltage drop will reset automatically;

    7. Large LCD screen, complete Chinese interface platform technology, full touch screen operation, data storage.

    8. Summary of technical features:

    1. Advanced digital technology: frequency conversion series resonance test device, power module from abroad * new collection driver, protection and power converter integrated intelligent power module (IPM), greatly improve the reliability of the machine, reduce the size and weight.

    2. Complete protection function:

    Overvoltage protection: the protection value can be set, and the action time is less than 1 ms;

    Double overheat protection: self power device and software protection, action combination, the current time is less than 10 microseconds;

    Flashover protection: the time is less than 1 millisecond, and the recorded flashover voltage;

    Zero: zero voltage starting protection.

    3. Four unique operation modes:

    Manual test: find resonance and manual pressure to the required voltage, the manual auto key after the time;

    Automatic test: find the resonance point automatically based on the unit automatically rise to set the voltage automatically after the time;

    Automatic tuning and manual release: Based on automatic collection, find out the required voltage value manually, and the voltage resonance point news "timer" is the time after automatic;

    Manual setting of automatic boost: find the resonance point manually, and set the automatic timer after automatic boost according to the setting.

    4. Friendly interface:

    Special DSP display platform, high capacity data storage and large screen LCD display;

    A lot of help information can help you analyze the protection problems, which may occur when you are testing;

    To save 200 test data;