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  • 无局部放电工频实验变压器成套装置

    Use the main application

    It is mainly used for testing the insulation level of all kinds of insulating materials, insulating structures and electrical and electric products to withstand power frequency voltage. And partial discharge levels.

    Widely used in electrical manufacturing departments, power operation departments, scientific research units and colleges and universities.


    The performance function


    50-2400kV no local discharge electrical test frame transformer, are the first in China, and excellent performance * stable, through scientific identification, support transformer is mainly used in power transformer manufacturers,

    The main technical performance in the domestic leading position, to reach the international advanced level of similar products.

    1, the complete set of equipment with strong, voltage and capacity series complete, perfect function.

    2. The successful development of epoxy insulation tung without partial discharge ring, to ensure that the local discharge of the system equipment is small, leading the international level;

    3. Adopts high quality DQ120-30 grain oriented silicon steel sheet, 45° fully oblique joint lamination. Waveform domain variability and no-load current of similar products is the smallest in China;

    4, impedance voltage is low, the capacity of the complete set of equipment is less than the national standard;

    5, Adopt automatic control technology and computer (optical fiber) measurement and control, high degree of automation, anti-interference ability;

    6, the use of overvoltage fast electronic protection device, high reliability.






    主要技术参数Main Technical Parameters

    型号规格MODEL额定容量Rated Capacity (kVA)高压电压high voltage(KV)


    Low voltage(KV)



    YDTW-5/505500.22/0.38 Φ320 x 45042
    YDTW-50/5050500.22/0.38 Φ850x945360
    YDTW-10/100101000.22/0.38 Φ758 x 982380
    YDTW-20/100201000.22/0.38 Φ690x900300
    YDTW-50/100501000.22/0.38 Φ850x1000400
    YDTW-100/1001001000.22/0.38 Φ940x1340aoo
    YDTW-15/150151500.22/0.38 Φ1165x1400500
    YDTW-75/150751500.22/0.38 Φ1120x14001100
    YDTW-150/1501501500.22/0.38 Φ1350x15701400
    YDTW-20/200202000.38/0.6 Φ1166x1B50760
    YDTW-100/2001002000.22/0.38 Φ1450x19501800
    YDTW-200/2002002000.22/0.38 Φ1800x19503100
    YDTW-25/250262500.22/0.38 Φ1250 x 22001150
    YDTW-250/2502502500.38/0.6 Φ2000x22003100
    YDTW-500/2505002503/6 Φ2000x26005800
    YDTW-1000/25010002503/6 Φ2200 x 26008200
    YDTW-30/300303000.22/0.38 Φ1350 x 23001350
    YDTW-150/3001503000.38/0.6 Φ1450 x 25002100
    YDTW-300/3003003000.38/0.6 Φ1700 x 25003700
    YDTW-600/3006003000.6/3 Φ2000 x 26506100
    YDTW-900/3009003003/6 Φ2000 x 26507400
    YDTW-1200/30012003003/6/10 Φ2200x28008800
    YDTW-350/350350350O.6/3/6 Φ2000x28003600
    YDTW-375/3753753750.6/3 Φ2000X32004000
    YDTW-750/3757503750.6/3/6 Φ2000 x 34009600
    YDTW-400/4004004000.6/3 Φ2000 x 35004100
    YDTW-800/4006004003/6 Φ2200 x 360010000
    YDTW-1200/40012004003<6 Φ2600 x 420012000
    YDTW-1600/40016004003/6/10 Φ2600 x 420016000
    YDTW-250/5002505000.6/3 Φ2600 x 45007800
    YDTW-500/5005005000.6/3 Φ2600 x 45009800
    YDTW-1000/50010005003/6 Φ3000 x 460016000
    YDTW-150/50015005000.6/3 Φ2600 x 45006800
    YDTW-2000/50020005003/6/10 Φ3000 x 460023000
    YDTW-165/5501655500.6/3 Φ3400 x 50009100
    YDTW-550/5505505503/6/10 Φ3400 x 500014000
    YDTW-1100/55011005503/6/10 Φ3400 x 610022000
    YDTW-2200/55022005503/6/10 Φ3400x510031000
    YDTW-300/6003006000.6/3/6 Φ3400 x 50007600
    YDTW-600/6006006003/6/10 Φ3400 x 500016000
    YDTW-2400/60024006003/6/10 Φ3400x510026000
    YDTW-4800/60046006006/10 Φ3400 x 510036000