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  • 陡波冲击电压发生器成套装置


    The steep-wave impulse voltage generator is mainly used for the steep-wave impulse voltage test of B-type line insulators and organic composite insulators used in HV lines to check the insulation performance.


    600kV impulse voltage generator body supporting line insulator steep-wave steepening device and fast resistance voltage divider can generate the wave head time of 100-200ns steep wave shock wave. The 750kV or 900kV impulse voltage generator body is equipped with composite insulator steep-wave steepening device and body fast resistance voltage divider, which can produce steep-wave and 100-200ns steep-wave with steepness greater than 1000kV /us. The technical indicators meet the requirements of national standards and IEC standards, and the products have passed the identification. The main technical performance in the domestic leading level, to reach the international advanced level of similar products.


    1. Complete set of equipment is complete

    2. The impulse voltage generator panel is equipped with a wave-adjusting resistor and a weakly damped capacitive compressor, which can generate standard lightning wave and standard operating wave, and the multi-ball intercepting device can generate standard lightning intercepting wave;

    3, convenient wave modulation. Simple operation, good synchronization performance, reliable action;

    4. Compression type fast reading resistance voltage divider has good square wave response characteristics

    5, Constant current charging automatic control technology, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability;

    6, the system can be adopted the impact waveform digital analysis system and the impact voltage test data online processing system microcomputer, greatly improve the impact voltage test technical level and test efficiency.


         1800kv陡波成套装置                                     1200kv陡波成套装置                                                   绝缘子高频火花试验


             陡波电阻分压器                                        陡化间隙                                                         900kv陡波成套装置

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