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    The impulse current generator is mainly used to test the ability of electrical equipment to withstand the impulse current stability. It is widely used in the impulse current test of zinc oxide arrester valve plate, and also used in meteorological lightning protection and other research tests.


    The impulse current generator can produce the standard impulse current waveform of 1/20μS, 4/10μS, 8/20μS, 10/350μS, 18/40μS, 30/80μS, 2000μS. The technical index of the waveform is in line with the national standard and IEC standard. The product has passed the ministerial identification. The main technical performance in the domestic leading position, to reach the international similar products of advanced technology.

    The characteristics 

    1, small size, compact structure, convenient wave modulation;

    2, high output current (4/10μs waveform up to 200kA; 8/20μs waveform up to 100kA);

    3. The device adopts the lower ball cylinder to push and trigger, which has good synchronization performance and reliable action.

    4. Each main capacitor sleeve has a series of large energy non-inductive energy absorption resistor to ensure the safety of the main capacitor;

    5, the use of constant current charging computer measurement and control integration system, high degree of automation, strong anti-interference ability.




    A. Main technical parameters of five impulse current waveform generators

    A Rated voltage: ± 60kV or ± 120kV

    B 1/20 μs steep wave impulse current radial value of 20kA±5%

    C 4/10μs impulse current radial value 100kA±5%

    D 8/20μs lightning impulse current amplitude of 40kA ±5%

    E 30/80μs operating impulse current radial value of 2kA soil 5%

    F 18/40μs impulse current radial value of 20kA±5%