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  • High voltage reactor
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  • High current generator for temperature rise test
  • Series resonance equipment
  • Transformer comprehensive test control system
  • Complete set of air filling test equipment
  • TPX series FM series resonance test equipment
  • 高电压电抗器


    The high voltage reactor is used in the high voltage series resonance test device as the induction (tuning) element forging test device; Used for compensating capacitive current of large capacitance test products and improving the utilization efficiency of test equipment; Used to compensate line capacitance in transmission network and improve the quality of transmission network.

    The characteristics of

    1. High Q value, Q≥60; Low additional loss;

    2, local discharge is small

    3, good linearity;

    4, the high voltage reactor used in series resonance test equipment can make the inductance continuously adjustable within the rated range by adjusting the air gap of the iron core

    5. Convenient conversion of string well connection working mode.