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  • 局部放电检测仪


             HYJF200 local electrical fault detector is a new local discharge detector developed and produced in recent years. Integrating the domestic partial discharge detector advantages, is widely used in electric machines, transformers, transformers, cables, casing, electric power capacitor, high-voltage switch, zinc oxide lightning arrester and so on all kinds of high voltage electrical partial discharge test of quantitative clear, and three-phase independent testing at the same time, the electric power department, the manufacturers and scientific research units, such as use of partial discharge test instrument.


    1, adopt large LCD screen, screen effective working area of 200x200mm, can clearly observe the discharge waveform.

    2, the use of double head display discharge quantity. The existing digital table shows PC values.

    3, the machine noise is small, the detection sensitivity is high, the capacitance coverage range is large, suitable for the test Yuan Guoguang.

    4, small size, light weight, easy to carry.