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  • 温升试验大电流发生器

    The characteristics of

    This series of products are low-voltage and high-current dry-type transformers, which are suitable for current load and temperature rise test of 50Hz switch, current transformer or other electrical equipment. This series of products is composed of control, voltage regulator, upcurrent transformer and current transformer, which can easily read the test current value.

    The current is more than 500-10000A specifications according to the short-time work design: 100% load under the large continuous operation for 60 minutes, 80% load allowed to run for a long time for temperature rise test design.

    HYDL-10000 type large current generator is applied to the current flow and temperature rise test and scientific research of switches, transformers, conductors and other electrical equipment.

    The large current generator is the large current generator referred to as the current riser, the large current testing equipment and the large current testing device. The large current generator has strong load capacity and is suitable for the primary bus protection and calibration of the transformer ratio of Dia6, etc., and can set and calibrate the current relays and switches.

    The special three-phase large current generator for temperature rise is a special equipment specially designed and manufactured according to the electric power department and industrial and mining enterprises in the electrical equipment test, such as: all kinds of bus groove, switches, current transformers and other electrical equipment for current load test and temperature rise test. DDG series large current generator adopts integrated or split structure according to product volume and weight, with the characteristics of poleless adjustment of output current, 0.1 level standard transformer, scattered word display, balance of current rise, wide range of load variation, reliable operation, simple operation and safety. It is an ideal equipment for industrial and mining enterprises to conduct upflow or temperature rise test.