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  • Frequency test transformer without partial discharge
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  • Steep wave impulse voltage generator
  • Experiment of series resonance with adjustable inductance
  • Impulse current generator
  • Power frequency experimental transformer
  • High voltage reactor
  • Partial discharge detector
  • High current generator for temperature rise test
  • Series resonance equipment
  • Transformer comprehensive test control system
  • Complete set of air filling test equipment
  • TPX series FM series resonance test equipment
  • YDSW系列充电试验设备成套装置

    In use:

    In view of the existing GIS switch, basin insulator, insulation pull rod, gas transformer industry characteristics, the company since 2000 set up a research and development department to oil-gas pure SF gas high voltage non-partial discharge test equipment, after years of exploration and improvement, has been mass production, and various performance reached the international leading level.


    OIL-gas transformer won the national patent certificate, through the Shandong AE Pawa two years operation party ≤ 2PC


    1. Long running time, breaking the bottleneck of foreign products running for 30 minutes, sustainable running.

    2. Small size, ≤ 2PC at rated voltage;

    3. High voltage grade can be rated output voltage of 1000KV;

    4. High running current, rated output 3A;

    5 can save space distance, only with the test mouth that line;

    6. Reduce the one-time investment of the factory without shielding the hall.





                                                         YDSW series pneumatic test equipment complete set

    型号规格 ModelRated capacities (KVA)额定电压 Rated voltage (KV)重量w(kg)占地尺寸 Dimensions (Km)
    Ydsw-250/25025025020004500 * 3500 * 2500
    Ydsw-500/25050025024504500 x 3500 x 2500
    Ydsw-300/30030030028004500 x 3500 x 2500
    Ydsw-600/30060030033005000 x 4000 x 2500
    Ydsw-350/35035035031005000 x 4000 x 2500
    Ydsw-700/35070035037005000x4000 x 2500
    Ydsw-500/50050050036505500 x 4500 x 3000
    Ydsw-600/60060050038705500 x 4500 x 3000
    Ydsw-1200/600120080044005500 x 4500 x 3000
    Ydsw-750/75075075042105500 x 4500 x 3000
    Ydsw-1500/750150075047807500 x 6000 x 3500
    Ydsw-800/80080080049007500 x 6000 x 3500
    Ydsw-1600/800160080055008000 x 6000 x 3500
    Ydew-1000/10001000100053008000 x 6000 x 3500
    Ydsw-1500/10001500100057008000 x 6000 x 3500
    Ydsw-2000/10002000100064508000 x 6000 x 3500