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  • Steep wave impulse voltage generator
  • Experiment of series resonance with adjustable inductance
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  • TPX series FM series resonance test equipment
  • TPX系列调频串联谐振试验成套装置


    Frequency modulation series resonance test device is mainly used for 1000kV and the following voltage grade SF6 circuit breaker, GIS combination of electrical appliances and power cables and other large capacity power equipment field AC pressure resistance test.

    Equipped with appropriate tuning capacitor, so that it resonates between 20-300Hz within the specified frequency, it can be used as power frequency test equipment. At the same time, it can also be used for partial discharge test of transformer, coupling capacitor, zinc oxide detoxifier and other power equipment with voltage below 1000kV.

    Performance and Characteristics

    1, small size, light weight.

    2. Q value is high, up to 100;

    3, the power input capacity is only 1/Q output capacity;

    4. Local discharge, which is small for the international leading level;

    5. There is no transient overvoltage after flashover;